Click on the link for the needed form. If you have any trouble contact the Administrator for other options. Once completed, please scan and email to

Membership is required for your protection. Please contact the administrator for a copy of our school's discount code.

To get your student's cumulative file transferred a Request for Transfer of School Records form is included in the application.

Each year we require a new Re-enrollment Form to be filled out along with tuition payment.

The School Calendar shows when quarterly and semester paperwork are due including semester objective, attendance, work summaries, and progress reports.

The Attendance Report form is due quarterly, that is four times a year.

Submit a Semester Proposed Course of Study at the beginning of each semester listing the classes and curriculum being used for each class.

Four times a year, at each quarter, a Work Summary with samples must be submitted for each individual student detailing their progress through their classes.

All grade levels must submit a Semester Progress & Grade Report usually in January and June, after the semester work has been completed.

Tuition costs for Elementary and High School.