About Us

Rosewall Christian Academy has been in operation since 1992. Pamela Peterson started this private school program so that students in grades 1-12 could have a Christ-centered education. Jackie Alexander continued the tradition of excellence, serving families throughout the Kern County area from 2007 to 2019. Our current administrator, Christine Findley, has many years of experience both as a parent, directing the education of her three boys through high school, and working as an administrative assistant for another home-study program.

We support families as they seek to faithfully raise their children according to Ephesians 6:4b, "bring them up in the training and instruction of the Lord." Christian home education, which is a lifestyle, promotes academic excellence because parents are the best educators of their own children. Teach your child to think and love learning and it will follow them all their lives.

Please contact Rosewall Christian Academy if you have any questions or are interested in enrolling in our program where you can privately educate your children at home, in any grade, all the way through to high school graduation. 

If you are an alumni, we can issue an official transcript to the college of your choice. Please contact admin@rosewallchristianacademy.org with your name and year of graduation.